How to make YouTube Videos?

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How to make youtube videos

Creating visual content has become a trendy profession these days. Many people especially the youth are coming forward to create YouTube content with amazing ideas. Not only their creating good contents, but they are also even earning a good amount of money.

Those who are new are always confused to create cool content like them. They always ask and research how to make YouTube videos?

First of all, you need to understand why do you want to make YouTube videos? Is it more keeping memories or for earning a living. If you want to make videos for keeping memories, then turn on your mobile camera, shoot the video, edit and upload it. You don’t need anything more than that.

But if you want to earn a living from your YouTube content, your videos must have to be professional. If you don’t have any budget, in the beginning, you can shoot with your mobile phone as well. Even, most of the professional YouTubers also started in this way. But you need to go through three steps to make a YouTube video.

Step one: Pre-Production

Before shooting a video, you need to plan so many things. Like what to shoot, where to shoot, how to shoot, which camera will be used, who will do acting, etc. This process is called pre-production. This is the most important part of making a YouTube video. If you messed up here, the whole video will be messed up.

Here, are certain things you need to do. They are

Niche Selection

For creating a YouTube video, the first thing you need to do is to select a niche. It is very important. If you don’t select a trendy or popular niche, it might happen that your channel takes time to grow. 

On the other hand, if you select a niche that is a popular one and your channel starts growing faster as you have never imagined.

So, niche selection is important. Do it before starting your channel. Do some research and then start your channel. We would highly recommend you to choose a niche that you are passionate about. 

Say, for example, if you love traveling, select it as a niche, or if you love comedy, start making comedy videos. As simple as that.

Generating Ideas

So, you have selected your own niche. Now it is time to generate ideas for your video. What we always do is, all of our teammates if a diary with all of us. Whenever we had an idea, we write it down in our diary. So that it will help us when we discuss video ideas.

Try to figure out two or three video ideas. Then start researching it. Do complete research. Do any of your competitors have already made a video before you? What are the highlights?

What are the mistakes they had made in the video? How you can add some more ingredients in your video? Do proper research. When you are done, discuss all the ideas with your teammates once again. Choose the final idea that you are going to make a video.


For creating a professional video, Script is the most important thing. As soon as you are done with generating your ideas, start writing scripts. If you or any of your teammates are a good writer and can write interesting stories, tell them to write scripts. Or you can hire people to write scripts for you. 

Don’t copy-paste any stories from social media. It can cause copyright infringement.

Now you might say, what we have said here for the channels who made comedy videos, short films, etc.

What about if you want to make a travel video or a documentary on wildlife? Well, no matter what type of videos you are making, scripting is something that you need to do.

Suppose, you are making a travel video. Then you need to write down the voice-overs, what you want to shoot, which places you want to cover, Shooting times, camera angles, shots, etc. This is also a part of scripts. You can also say it planning.

Story Boarding

A successful video or a film is made when the director has watched the film on his imagination before entering the set. This is how to storyboard work. It is something where all the shots and camera angles have been drawn to give you a clear vision of the video. If anything looks wrong, you can change it. It is not possible to change anything during the shoot. That’s why it is better to create a storyboard in the pre-production stage.

Budget Allocation

For making a video, you need to allocate a budget. Let’s say you are making a short film. So, you need casts, cameras & lenses, lights, sound accessories, etc. Besides, you will have to provide food for your cast and crew. These things cost money. So, you need to create a budget before shooting a video.

Step two: Production

Lights, Roll, camera, and Action! This is the step where you will actually start shooting your video. What you have planned in the pre-production process, this is the time to bring it into reality. Give your scripts a visual existence.

Maybe you are thinking that how long it will take to shoot a video? Right? Well, it completely depends on the scripts. Usually, a YouTube video can be shot in a day. Sometime it might take two to three days based on your scripts or weather or any other unavoidable circumstances.

Step three: Post-Production

So, finally, you are done with shooting your video. Now, it’s time for the post-production process where you will edit your raw footage and make a single video.

In this process, You will edit the footage, do color-correction, add VFX (if necessary), music and sound design, etc.

When your video editing, music, and the sound design is done,  you need to export the video.

Final Verdict

Making a YouTube video is so easy. It seems to be hard, while you are reading this, but trust me, there is no work as easy as making a video in a professional way on this planet. 

You might be thinking, you can make professional, good quality videos if you have professional gears. No, not really. You can start shooting with your phone. Start making videos with your friends. It will reduce costs. 

Creating a professional video means to know the basic camera angles, shots, compositions, etc. If you know the basics and if you can generate cool ideas, you can produce a high-quality YouTube video.

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