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Travel has become a part of our everyday life. Directly or indirectly we are related to travel. We travel for business, for social work, for vacation, and lots more. 

Travel helps us to know more people and cultures. When we are bored with our workloads, we used to travel. Travel creates networking. It helps us to enjoy the beautiful creatures of the world.

Travel is a thing that can change the world. With this vision, a small travel group was formed 30 years ago. Now, this small travel group has become a social enterprise. 

That is none other than, G Adventures.

When G Adventures has started its journey, it was nothing but two credit cards and an eternal desire to create an authentic, sustainable travel experience that nobody has ever experienced. 

In 2020, G Adventures has become a brand and everything has changed except its core values.


G Adventures is a social enterprise that organizes small group tours around the world. They have started their journey in 1990 and their headquarter is based in Toronto, Canada. 

Bruce Poon Tip has started this business with a dream of changing the world through traveling. G Adventures is the pioneer of community tourism.

Right now, They have 28 offices globally. G Adventures is offering more than 700 Travel deals in more than 100 countries. Not only that, every year they took 200,000+ travelers around the world to explore the beautiful creatures.

As I have said before, G Adventures never forget their core values. When you travel with G Adventures you will realize that you are not there to see the world, you are there to make it better.

As a social enterprise, Travel is a product for G Adventures. As a business, and as a human being it is a duty to do something for the betterment of the society.

G Adventures has introduced so many social welfare activities that you can also participate. Some of them are animal welfare, child welfare, plastic partnership project, etc.

In G Adventures the term G stands for good. That means responsible travel is everything that they are doing.

Why you should Travel with G Adventures?

G Adventures is such a travel group that will treat you like a family and friends. G Adventures create small group tours so that people can communicate with each other and create a long term relationship. 

There are so many reasons to travel with G Adventures. Some of them are

Travel in a different way

G Adventures will organize the trips to give you an experience of the world’s most amazing cultures that you can not experience while traveling alone.

They organize award-winning trips which include authentic accommodations, local transportations, amazing people from different cultures, and many more.


When we plan to travel somewhere around the world, the first thing that strikes our mind is budget. Traveling to an international country costs money. 

But when you travel with G Adventures you don’t need to think about the price. Because a memorable travel experience does not need to be expensive all the time.

G Adventures are offering small group tours at an affordable price with a 100% departure guarantee.They are the first company that ensures every single departure of its clients.

So, while you are traveling with G Adventures, you don’t need to worry about the price and departure.

Choosing Destinations

While choosing a destination to travel with G Adventures you will get a variety of choices based on your taste, age, culture, and budget. They are offering 700+ destinations in more than 100+ countries.

So, if you are confused, just visit their website and choose the best destination which meets your requirements.

Customer Support

G Adventures has an award-winning customer support team and offers 24/7/365 service to its client. While choosing a destination, if you face any query, you can check the FAQ on its website. 

If you still have the query you can contact G Adventure’s customer support. They are always at your service. 

Lifetime Deposit Features

We all know that the future is uncertain. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. It could happen that the day you have planned a trip, you become sick, or you will have something urgent to do in your town.

In these cases, when you cancel from other travel companies, they have so many clauses for cancelation. Even you won’t get a full refund.

If you travel with G Adventures, you will get a lifetime deposit features. It means if you cancel a particular trip, they will not refund you the money. 

But they will deposit it and whenever you are free for that trip you can join them and they will adjust that money. You don’t need to pay anything this time.


In most of the tourist groups, I have seen that they have conditions that you can go anywhere without their group. But when you travel with this amazing group you will get the flexibility to travel alone according to your taste.

Though they will show you the most attractive tourist places, but if you want to have a coffee or enjoy a beautiful sunset you are allowed to do so.

Bottom Line

Traveling with G Adventures will be a great experience, that you should have once in a lifetime. They have different travel styles. Among them, you can choose your favorite one. If you love cycling or hiking, you can join their active travel style. Not only that, but you can also join for private tours or family tours style.

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