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When we think or talk about domain or hosting, the first name that hits our mind is GoDaddy. GoDaddy is one of the giants in the industry. For the past 22 years, GoDaddy has served almost 19 million customers globally.

While serving millions of customers, it is obvious that the quality of service might be hampered. I was also using GoDaddy for a long time for my websites. When I face some issues with their service I also changed the hosting provider. 

As my websites are my source of income, so I need a quality hosting provider. So I started looking for GoDaddy alternatives and I found some of the companies that resolve the lackings of GoDaddy.

Many people have also asked me which company will be better to switch from GoDaddy. 

So, Today I will discuss some other companies that will be a great alternative to GoDaddy.

Let’s jump into it.


NameCheap would be a great alternative to GoDaddy. It is an ICANN accredited register. It delivers not only domain registration services but all kinds of hosting platforms under one banner. 

As per the name says, NameCheap is the cheapest shared hosting service provider company in the market. There is no other company that provides domain and hosting is this rate. They are also offering a 14-days money-back guarantee that none of the companies are offering.

Not only that NameCheap has an easy-to-use domain interface and they are providing free custom nameservers to their clients. Besides, NameCheap is concerned about the security of their clients. All of your personal data is protected by WhoisGuard privacy protection. The privacy protection is free until you stop using NameCheap.

If you want to migrate your site for free, then you should choose NameCheap. No matter where you have an existing cPanel or a website, NameCheap will do it on behalf of you. 


HostGator is a web hosting service provider that targets all levels of users, both new and advanced. I personally think that HostGator will be a perfect choice for small businesses. HostGator has introduced lots of amazing and improved features with all of their hosting plans.

HostGator provides 99.9% uptime for its users. They also provide uninterrupted bandwidth as well. 

Besides, HostGator has its own website builder called Gator. It has a drag and drop feature and uses its own cPanel. HostGator offers free migration of new accounts within the 30 days of signup or upgrade.

Moreover, HostGator offers you to run multiple domains under a single server. Not only that, but it also allows you to use VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Windows Hosting, and Application Hosting, and so on.


SiteGround is such a name that gives GoDaddy good competition in every possible way. Undoubtedly, it is a good alternative to GoDaddy. SiteGround is providing 99.99% uptime. Now you might be thinking everybody says that but nobody does.

But in this case, the scenario is a bit different. SiteGround has mentioned in their terms and conditions that if they fail to provide 99.99% uptime in any month, you do not have to pay a single money for that specific month.

However, SiteGround is concerned about the speed also. They have servers on three continents. They always try to provide high speed than other companies.

According to our research, their average speed until march 2019 was 713ms. Whereas the speed of GoDaddy was 517 ms.

Siteground has a variety of hosting plans for their customers. They also care about the security of your personal information. SSL certificates are included in all their hosting plans.

All their hosting plans comprise the Cloudflare CDN. Siteground is the first company that started using the technology named HTTP/2 protocol.


BlueHost is another giant in the web hosting industry. BlueHost is such a company that can give a neck to neck competition to GoDaddy. Both GoDaddy and BlueHost are the best.

It is not possible to determine the best one among these two. But you can decide based on your requirements. 

BlueHost will always be my preference for creating a website. It has great uptime and the hardest security features that none of the companies in the market currently have.

Prices of GoDaddy and BlueHost are almost similar. But I love their service than GoDaddy. 

Final Verdict

Here, we have mentioned the best alternatives to GoDaddy. There are thousands of hosting provider companies in the market. These are the companies that are leading the market nowadays. 

All companies have different strategies and features. My duty was to showcase the best companies that might be an alternative to GoDaddy. Now you need to decide which one you will choose based on your requirements. 

If you are concerned about the price my suggestion would be Namecheap. And if the price is not the issue I would suggest you choose BlueHost.

If none of the alternatives you like, then it is a suggestion or advice to stick with GoDaddy. That would definitely be a great choice. After all, they are the market leaders. Feel free to share your experiences. I would love to hear from you.

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