Tips for successful collaboration in a virtual teamwork

virtual team work

We have been digitalized day by day. Nowadays, many companies are hiring web developers, writers, designers from different parts of the world. These freelancers are working virtually for different companies at a time. 

Not only that, right now we are facing such a pandemic situation where each and every employee have to work virtually for their company. 

So, as they have a successful collaboration offline, now it is high time that they must have to be successful as a virtual team. Otherwise, your business might face losses.

There are so many ways on how to make a successful collaboration in virtual teamwork. Here, we will share some tips so that you can manage your team in such a way where they can make a successful collaboration.

Treat your teammates equally

As I have said before many companies are hiring freelancers around the world. There are some entrepreneurs or team leaders who discriminate between the local office employees and the freelancers.

Never ever do that. As a team leader, you have to treat all of your teammates equally. You have to understand that, he/she has the qualification that allows him to work in your team.

When you treat your employees equally, they will start to think it is their own company, and it will motivate them to work more efficiently.

Make video conferences

When we work at our local offices, we do meetings with our teammates. Meetings are something that will help you to understand the tone, body language of an employee. 

As we are working virtually nowadays, we can arrange video conferences. There are hundreds of tools available in the market, which will help you to do video conferences. 

Choose the right people

Recruitment is crucial for remote work. There are many freelancers, who seem to be productive, but later on you realize that your decision was wrong.

As we are working virtually, it means we have less access to monitor him. So, you should recruit a person who is self-motivated, productive, need less time for supervision, and last but not least, should have experienced virtual teamwork.

Casual Conversation is important

We are going through a bad situation. It is obvious that everyone is staying at home for a long time, and all of us are going through mental stress.

If we talk about work all the time, your employees will get more frustrated and less productive.

As a team leader, you should do some casual conversations with your teammates in between. It will make them relax while they are working for your company. 

You can create an internal message board where you and your teammates can discuss different topics that are not related to work. It will help you to create a long term relationship with your teammates.

Use specialized tools

There are so many specialized tools that help in remote work. Using such specialized tools is important for collaboration. Why? Well, if you don’t use such tools, remote work will be difficult.

Suppose, you are a graphics designer. Your team leader has asked you to design a campaign. You are done with the designs. So, you have emailed the design to your team leader and waiting for his reply.

He asked for some changes and you will do it and again send the file. Sometimes you might miss any instructions, as emails have spread out through your inbox.

If you use a specialized tool, you can directly contact your team leader, all the instructions will be organized. You can get instant feedback. However, it will save you time.

So, using specialized tools is very important.

Reward your employees

Who does not love rewards? When we work in local offices, bonus and increment in salary motivate us. Right? This process is applicable to virtual employees as well.

When any of your virtual employees perform his/her tasks efficiently, it is your duty as a team leader or an entrepreneur to reward them. It’s not always the monetary benefits. You can give away some gifts, or anything.

Sometimes a small reward can bring changes.

Reliability is important

You have to trust your virtual employees. You have to trust the persons you recruit as a remote worker. I know the rules of monitoring a remote employee is more strict. But building trust, in the beginning, will make them motivated and loyal to your company.

We are human beings and we have emotions. Suppose, you hire a person for your company who lives in the same country but in different states. If you start believing in him, he will definitely be loyal to your company.

We are in the digitally-driven era, where everything is being digital. Technology is improving day by day and if we want to cope up with the world, we need to keep pace with the technology.

Recruiting people virtually is a new business trend. In this process, you can hire people from different parts of the world on a project basis or for the long term. 

In this process, businesses can save a lot of money and can recruit the best employees globally. Recruiting virtual employees also reduce the office cost, because you can set up a virtual office by using some specialized tools. You can also work from home.

We have listed some tips here that will help you to be a successful team leader. Did I miss anything? If you think we missed any tips, feel free to share it with us. We would love to hear from you.

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