How to Monetize YouTube?

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If you want to become a celebrity overnight with millions of fan following then YouTube is the only way to do that. 

How can you earn money with YouTube? This is the biggest question that hits your mind. Right? Well, the answer is pretty simple. You need your own YouTube channel and you need to know some basics that will help you to earn money and a big fan following.

According to statistics, there are almost 50 million creators on YouTube right now. And it is increasing day by day. When you think about earning money from YouTube, it gives you a lucrative feeling.

There are so many ways of earning money from YouTube. But here we will discuss how to monetize your YouTube channel and earn money from there.

If you are new to this industry, you might ask what is YouTube monetization?

We will get into that. We will go through this topic in detail today.

What is YouTube Monetization?

When we watch videos on YouTube, we notice different types of ads are visible on YouTube. Right? Allowing these ads on your videos is called Monetization. These ads basically help you to earn money from YouTube.

YouTube will pay you a good amount of money for the ads they have placed on your videos for the marketing purpose of that company. YouTube receives a good amount of money for those companies and shares the profit with its content creators. This can only happen when you enable monetization on your channel.

How to Enable Monetization?

Now you have already known about Monetization. There was a time when YouTube had no requirements to monetize a YouTube channel. But now, things have changed. YouTube has set a prerequisite to enable monetization. 

Now, if you want to enable monetization on your YouTube channel, you will be required at least 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers. It will help you to start earning money from YouTube.            

It seems interesting. Right? Now how will you enable Monetization? You need to follow some simple steps to do that.

  • First of all, you need to sign in with your Youtube account.
  • Then,  click on the ‘Video Manager’. It will redirect you to a page where you will see the Uploaded videos.                        
  • Go to ‘Channel Settings’ to expand the list. Where you can see so many options. Select Monetization from there. Click on “Enable My Account” and follow the instructions in the Monetization agreement to accept.                   
  • As soon as you are done, select the videos you want to monetize.            
  • Now you have to click on the Actions menu and select Monetize to open the Ad Formats checklist and Monetized Selected Videos.  
  • Select your preferences for Ad formatting.               
  • Finally, you need to click ‘Monetize’. This is the last step to monetize your YouTube Channel. 

Now, YouTube will review your account and if they approve your account you will receive an e-mail from them and you will see a gray color $ icon with a green filled background.

Setting up AdSense Account

Only enabling Monetization won’t help you to earn money. You will need to set up an Adsense account as well. It is completely free. You must be at least 18 years or older to open your own Adsense account. 

If you are below 18, ask for your parents’ assistance. The process is as follows

  • Then you need to link your bank account or PayPal account with it. So that YouTube can send your revenue to your account.
  • You need to provide a valid mailing address for the verification process.   
  • The next step is to copy and paste ad codes on your YouTube channel.      

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