How to increase the average email conversion rate?

Increase Email Conversion Rate

Nowadays, Email Marketing is the most powerful marketing tool. It is considered as the king of all marketing strategies. According to research, Email marketing generates 40% of revenue on every $1 spent. The conversion rate is above 2%. 

So, it is clear that if you want to boost up your sales, you need to do email marketing. Many people have complaint that email marketing does not work. The reason is their email can not convince their customer to make a purchase. 

No matter how many emails you have, how well you write your campaigns. If your customers don’t make a purchase all your efforts will be in vain.

What you need to do is to increase the email conversion rate. But how will you do that? It is not rocket science. It is simple. You just need to follow some tips.

In this content, we will discuss how to increase the average email conversion rate and bring more business to your company.

If you want to increase email conversion rate, stay tuned till the end of this content. 

What is an email conversion rate?

An email conversion rate is a percentage of subscribers who complete a purchase or an action. In simple words, if your email can influence your customers and if they make a purchase from your website, this is called the email conversion rate.

The average email Conversion rate 

The average conversion rate of email campaigns varies based on the continent, country, and industry. 

This is the list of average conversion rates created by Getresponse. You can check this out for open rates, CTR, CTOR, etc. 

Tips to increase the average email conversion rate

Now you have a clear idea about the conversion rates. You also know your industry very well. The question that might come to your mind is how to increase your current conversion rate and cope up with the industry average right?

Well, that’s why we are here. We will share some tips so that you can increase the average email conversion rate.

Eye-catchy Email subject line

Think for a while. What will you see when you get an email notification? You see the sender’s name and the subject on your smartphone’s notification bar. Right? Well, yes, that’s what I am saying. If you find the subject line interesting you go through the email.

The subject line is something that can easily influence your subscribers to read your campaign. You can add questions, some puzzling sentences, etc.

Your content might not that good but your subject line might influence your subscriber to make a purchase. 

Email List segmentation

We all know that nobody on this earth is exactly the same. Everyone on this planet is different based on their culture, location, and psychology.

What you can do is to create a database and make different groups of your subscribers based on their age, location, culture, point of interest, etc.

When you start a campaign you can easily find out who will like your campaign or not. It will help you to boost up your average email conversion rate.

Responsive Campaign Design

People are more addicted to smartphones nowadays. Most of the time they are on their mobile phone and do most of the works through mobile. Studies show that around 60% of emails are opened via mobile phone. 

So, what I want to say is that you have to make a responsive email campaign design. Otherwise, your campaign will be messed up on the mobile phone and that can easily drive your customers no matter how good your campaign was.

Call to action

In this process, add a link or call to action button that will take your customer to your product’s sales landing page. If you did not do it yet, start doing it from now on.

People don’t have time to visit your website and find out that specific product and purchase it. A call to action will easily convert your subscribers to your customers.

Bottom Line

Email marketing is the most powerful marketing strategy these days. But it becomes successful when a customer converts through an email that brings business to you. So, you can see the email conversion is really very important. These are the four tips that can definitely increase your email conversion rate.

Feel free to share your experience with us about increasing your email conversion rate. I would love to hear from you.

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