Best Virtual Reality Headsets Reviewed

best vr headsets

Virtual reality is a way to experience a different world sitting at home. It can show you the future or it can take you to experience the ancient times. To get a good virtual reality experience, you need a good headset.

Naturally, Virtual reality headsets are not stylish. But it can give you a great experience. There are hundreds of VR headsets are available in the market. 

Which one you will choose?


Well, today we will discuss about the best virtual reality headsets for you.

While choosing a headset, two factors have come up in everybody’s mind. They are the price and quality. 

While doing our research, we have kept that in mind and here you will find the quality headset, the expensive one and both the affordable and quality VR Headset.

Let’s get started.

Oculus Rift S

If you asked us about the best Virtual Reality Headsets, we would suggest you to go for Oculus Rift S. It is popular since the VR Revolution. Oculus Rift S is largely responsible for shaping the scene.

The reason you should buy it because it is the best one in the market, and the price is affordable. 

If you don’t have a decent PC, try to avoid this headset.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is a perfect combination of Price and quality. We have personally tested it and trust us its performance is stunning. It will track you around the room.

If you are looking for something affordable but have a great performance, this is the one. You won’t get anything like this in the market.

HTC Vive

Are you looking for a VR Headset, that is a bit expensive, and gives you a great VR experience? We would recommend you to try HTC Vive.

It will definitely give you an amazing VR experience. Those who believe that price can bring good quality, this is for them.

It stands among the others due to its specifications. Besides, You can easily roaming around with the headset.

On the other hand, HTC Vive needs enough space and a decent PC to work on.

HTC Vive Pro

Well, if you are serious about virtual reality and want to spend money on it, we would definitely recommend the best VR headset in the market. That is none other than HTC Vive Pro.

We can assure you that you will definitely get some exceptional VR experience with it. HTC Vive Pro has 1,440 x 1,600-pixel resolution on each of the two LCD screens. 

We want to let you know that this headset is going to cost you. So, make sure that you are damn serious about having a Virtual Reality Experience.

Samsung Gear VR

What we have mentioned earlier will give you the ultimate VR experiences. What will you do if you are new to the VR world and you just want to have an experience of Virtual Reality? 

Final Words

Those headsets really cost much. Is it possible to have an amazing VR headset that is affordable and it will give you a taste of VR?

Obviously, it’s possible. Here comes the Samsung Gear VR.

You can use it to have a taste of the VR world. The price is really cheap and anyone can afford it. But the only condition is that you need a Samsung phone to use it. 

If you have that, make sure you buy it.

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