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cricket live streaming sites

Cricket is one of the most popular games on Earth. In every house of the world, there is at least one cricket fan available. 

Around 2.5 billion people love cricket around the world where one billion fans are from India. Research shows that the number of cricket fans in the Asian subcontinent is high.

People use to watch the match, no matter where they are. They want to keep themselves updated if there is a match going on. 

It is not possible to keep a TV in every office for their employee. That’s how the idea of a live cricket streaming site has come from. 

In a live streaming site, you can watch the live cricket match on your laptop, desktop, or mobile devices. 

But which live cricket streaming site will be preferred? Well, today I will share some best live cricket streaming sites for all of you so that you won’t miss the next match of your favorite team.

Let’s get started.


SonyLiv is one of the most popular live cricket streaming sites on the internet. SonyLive broadcasts almost every cricket live match happening around the world. 

SonyLiv broadcast is smoother than other live streaming websites. It is a premium streaming site. So, if you want to watch a live match on SonyLiv, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee.


Hotstar is the most famous streaming site in India. It is also known as the home of IPL Cricket. Streaming on Hotstar is amazing. With a subscription fee, you can watch any live matches you want.

Hotstar has acquired the rights from Star Sports. So, you can watch any live matches on Hotstar that have been telecasting live on Star Sports.

It means if you don’t have any TV at your office, or if your TV does not have Star Sports Channel, you can watch your favorite live matches on Hotstar.


Cricbuzz is not like other traditional streaming websites. It will show you live scores, ball by ball commentary, pitch analysis, etc. You won’t be able to see live matches here. But you can see highlights, and match analysis.

Cricbuzz is completely free for its users. You can watch live scores of any domestic or international matches here.


ESPNCricInfo is also a live streaming site similar to Cricbuzz. We all know that there was a time when ESPN has ruled the cricket streaming industry. 

On their website, you can watch score updates and other trivial details that will help you to enhance your cricket knowledge.


BCCI is the cricket controller of India. On their official website, you can watch live scores of any matches with India happening anywhere around the world.

On their website, you can get regular updates about the team, interviews, live scores, etc.

NDTV Sports

NDTV sports has been conducted by NDTV. NDTV is basically a popular news channel in India. On NDTV Sports you can watch live scores and ball by ball detailed commentary. 

Besides, you can also watch the score predictions here. If you are looking for a reliable streaming site then you should definitely go for it.

Yahoo Cricket

If you are looking for a live cricket streaming site to watch live matches on your mobile devices, you can download the Yahoo Cricket app from the play store or app store.

It is a one-stop app for cricket lovers. Yahoo Cricket will notify you about the latest Cricket news, tournament updates, match previews, cricket interviews, and so on.


Sportkeeda is an all in one sports app. Here, you can watch any sports you like. You can watch all kinds of Mainstream sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, etc. here. 

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